Hello readers…

These are just a few suggestions and tricks to help you put together your wardrobe in such a way that fit your work and not your negative choice of clothing to stand out in your place of work.

1 Take Cues from female role models

If you’re no longer sure of what you should be wearing, take cues from other ladies at your place of work. Find top performers that everyone respects. Are these ladies wearing shorts and tube tops to the place of work? No. Don’t ever copy your role model’s outfits precisely… But pay attention to the message that her outfits bring and work on those guidelines using your own fashion sense.

2 Work wardrobe Staples

The modern day’s ladies work wardrobe, without a doubt, involves high-quality material blouses, sweaters, skirts, clothes, trousers, and suits. There is an exceptional room for interpretation right here but you should prefer structured, quality pieces that match and may also be combined and matched for versatility in your wardrobe.
3 Keep “the ladies” to you

There may be “That lady” in every workplace. You realize the one who wears low cut blouses and miniskirts every day and that your male colleagues gawk at. Do not be that lady! You may look feminine and effective whilst even as preserving your “Assets” to yourself. Rule of thumb you should certainly not see more than a trace of cleavage if at all before 6 pm and more than two inches above the knee is just too much for the workplace.
4 Dressing too casual

Business casual is not similar to casual. You mustn’t be wearing jeans to a place of work deemed business casual unless it is approved for casual Fridays-check with your HR department for more recommendations. Additionally, in case you would wear it to the gym do not put it on to your place of work. No sweat pants ladies-please! I am also in opposition to sleeveless shirts at the office. You do not want to show too much of skin at work. Shorts and cut-offs are a No!
Hope it was of some help to you ladies ❤️