I have realized that people are challenged in this subject and in finding it hard to see what works and what doesn’t with the equal clarity. So I need to share my skills and offer directions to support you create quality outfits time and time again. My basic steps to taking an outfit from good to great:

1. Start powerfully

When making an outfit, it’s very important that you start with the right base. This will be the anchor of your outfit and may very well be a core item. Right here, I used darkish wash jeans. These are a staple for a lot of ladies; they work well for multiple occasions and can also be dressed up or down. Additionally try black pants, brown pants, a charcoal skirt, a caramel skirt.

2. Top it off

Subsequently, you’ll add on a top. Keep it simple in terms of fit and adornment and pick a print rather than texture for the most versatile appear. Stripes, animal prints, polka dots or solids in vibrant or neutrals work well right here. The top could be a tank or a short or lengthy sleeved tee. Instead of limiting yourself to the basic white or black top, ask yourself what’s unexpected and try new color mixtures or layer textures to create a look that’s fresh and up to the minute.
3. The third Layer

Jackets, to me, are the piece that elevates your look and that take it to the subsequent level. Choose one that speaks to your style and expresses your persona. Have somewhat enjoyable with it and don’t be afraid to move a bit bold, colorful or more ladylike, depending on your style personality.

4. Accessories! –

Accessories are what can take an outfit from easy to sassy and give it an entirely new look. As an alternative to taking part in it safe, opt for a bold necklace and bracelet in a couple of strands of pearls. Create a theme and be sure your metals match, your textures are complementary rather than competing and that the look is all you!
So here is an easy 4-step formula that you can comply with to create an outfit that’s greater than the sum of its components. Taking note of every step will help you to construct outfits over and over that look elegant and pulled together. But keep in mind, wear what you love and love what you wear!